This spring was intense. I won a free spot in the Story Genius/Author Accelerator course this spring. It was 10 weeks of tough work. I wrestled with my idea like Jacob grabbing for his birthright. I learned a lot and my book coach kept bringing me back to the idea.

At the end of the 10 weeks I was right back to where I started.

And that is where my story will begin.

I have set a goal to write the book in six months. I hope to have it revised and edited by April to submit to the Rising Star contest hosted by the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association. It is a lofty goal, one that I am serious about. I hired a book coach to walk through it with me, I have set aside a couple of weeks this summer to devote to writing and every day, the first thing I do after I am fully awake is write.

The problem with living in words is how to recharge after a day of swimming in them. Typically a good book and a comfy chair is all I need. But, when all I do is research and write, my mind doesn’t want more words.

I discovered a love of painting this fall and since I got acrylic paints this Christmas, I have dabbled and blundered my way through learning techniques. I look forward to painting like a piece of chocolate cake. When I paint, I don’t think in words. It’s all images. Colors. Shapes. Lines. Shadows. Tones.

That part of my brain that always needs to explain, make sense, and narrate shuts down.

I am present to the moment whenever I paint and that gives me rest.

Now, I have a goal for my writing, which means painting can be really great way to procrastinate. I create, so it scratches that bug and I could go days without writing and not really feel it.

Instead, painting is my creativity dessert. It is what I get to do after I have put in the work. Instead of reaching for dark chocolate, I will reach for a round brush number 6 and some paint.

I am teaching myself techniques, using Painting with Jane’s 30 days of Art and Daily Painting by Carol Marine

All it requires is 30-60 minutes. A 5×7 canvas and a couple of paints.

It has been a lovely way to recreate confidence. When I paint, I don’t worry about perfection. I am fine keeping or wiping a canvas and for the next 30 days, I won’t wipe a single painting because it is all creation for creations sake.

Hopefully I can bring that self confidence to my writing.

If you are interested in joining me on this journey, pick your favorite medium: pastels, watercolors, oils, drawing, collage, whatever and post your creations in the comments.

We can keep each other accountable to the creative spark that need nurtured in all of us so we can recharge and be a better writer, mother, father, employee, friend, sister, brother, daughter, son …..

I started yesterday and I can’t wait to see how I grow and change during the next 30 days.

My first day was all about color mixing. I used 4 colors for this painting. Cadmium Yellow Light, Ultramarine Blue, Unbleached Titanium White, Titanium white and Cadmium Red Medium.

I am really happy with the greens I was able to mix up. Still working on shadows on the objects, but everyone in my family could tell that it was lime-like 🙂


What is your creative outlet? Share in comments below.

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