Much like my writing, life gets in the way of recharge time. Kid schedules. My schedule, work whatever it is likes to elbow its way in and plop itself into the middle of whatever I am trying to do.

A lot like my dog Rina.

I am hosting a #eatlikesyria party tomorrow for some friends. It is an impromptu, low key party, but my hope is to raise awareness of the Syrian Refugee Crisis for World Refugee day as well as have conversation about Syrian culture while we eat tasty Syrian food.

Which means tomorrow will be crazy and for an introvert like me, I will need Thursday, some forest time and a lot of solitude to recover.

So I painted Days 2, 3 and 4 today. Don’t worry. It’s not cheating. I set the rules 🙂

Day #2


The large picture is a reproduction of my favorite photo. I took it last spring at a local state park. It was a perfect day for paddle boarding but I wasn’t sure if I could handle it. The previous two months I had almost daily panic attacks due to a malfunction with my thyroid medication and an intolerance to cytomel. It took me almost a year to get back to normal, but I remember that day very well.

I could take deep normal breaths without feeling the vice grip around my chest. My mind wasn’t racing around the environment pointing out all the possible dangers.

I was just there.

Day #3 Bicycle

I recently took apart the bike I am borrowing from my mom. The brakes were too tight and it didn’t matter what I loosened, it wasn’t working. So I got myself a hexagonal wrench and took it apart.

And put it back together again

Had two washers left.

So I took it apart again

And put it back together the RIGHT way.

If you know much about me, I will often give my KIDS something to fix. It wasn’t because I couldn’t, but I often let that voice of doubt yell in my ear. So this time I told her to shut it and I put that bike back together.

Kinda like this painting.

It isn’t the prettiest bike painting ever, but I was pleased to be able to get the shape and depth I wanted. And I told that negative voice to take a hike once again

Day #4 Motivational Words

Okay, you got me. It isn’t really a picture. It is words.

But I hand lettered them, which is drawing the words…so we are going to count it.

Again, my rules 🙂

I am writing a new book. It is super scary like always and I can find a million reasons not to write. But now I am paying a book coach to keep me accountable to finish in six months. I read get to work today in an excuse book for writers (yes, there is such a thing.) I am going to hang this above my desk and anytime I go to the interwebs to chase rabbits through cyberspace I will look at that picture

And get to work.

Thursday I hope to have some fun pictures and resources for World Refugee day. It may be too late to host a party with friends, but consider going to a Middle Eastern restaurant or cooking a simple meal of chicken kebobs, hummus and pita for dinner and you can post your #eatlikeSyria pictures on Thursday!

What did you create today? Share in comments below.

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