#30daysofart Day 4

Today was all about brushstrokes. Learning how to hold different brushes and applying different amounts of pressure. I am starting to use some more fluid matte medium instead of water. It keeps the right opacity of paint with better coverage than water.


Today my brain was fried from outlining, outlining outlining. It is amazing how stories, much like painting are created by layering. I start with the basics in a scene. What happens and what it means to the character and then start adding in the layers. It is a fulfilling but exhausting process.

To decompress I turned to painting and since I had no creative energy left, I relied on my favorite paint tutorial Painting with Jane who inspired me to take this #30daysofart journey.


All in all I am happy with the end result. This painting took less than an hour. Three colors (Cadmium Yellow Light, Titanium White and Mars black), Three brushes (1/2in Flat, #6 Round, and #8 filbert) and my favorite part of painting, blending! I struggled a bit with the water, because the brush technique was new, but I can’t wait to try it out with my own work. There is a picture of a foggy day on Lake Erie I took a few years ago and I’d love to use this monochromatic scheme with blending techniques on it.

The pop of green just pops the painting.

If you want to join me on my journey head to:

This is a great tutorial to start with because it is all basic shapes and very little color mixing. Perfect for beginners!

Get to creating and share your results in the comments.

Happy Creating!

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